Hi! I’m Sara. I’m a junior at Frostburg State University in my hometown in Maryland, studying Elementary Education, French, and Spanish. And I’ve got a pretty bad case of wanderlust.

I’m new to the travel game. Last summer I was waiting in line for a Broadway show with my best friend when she mentioned studying abroad the next summer in Denmark. Somehow this led to us planning a trip to backpack Europe. At this point I honestly didn’t even know where Denmark was in relation to the rest of Europe that I wanted to see. But when I put my mind to something, I make things happen. I immediately immersed myself in travel: blogs, itineraries, flight prices, train schedules, memorizing all the capitals of Europe, etc. Then once I had every. single. detail. planned out for my Eurotrip, I moved on to the rest of the world. Now I can’t wait to trek the ‘stans, volunteer with elephants in Southeast Asia, roadtrip Africa, and visit Patagonia. I’m now a little obsessed.

So now my adventure finally begins! In January 2015 I left the USA for the first time (besides going to Canada once for breakfast) to study Spanish for four weeks in Quito, Ecuador. Next summer I’ll be backpacking Europe with my best friend Hannah. My goal is to teach English abroad for a living after I graduate college. So follow me on my adventure through this blog and I promise not to disappoint! 🙂

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