A Pitstop in Iceland


I’m writing this from Iceland (!!!!!!!) and I still can’t believe I’m here. An entire year of planning, spreadsheeting, budgeting, and booking and my journey is finally starting. The last few days have been a roller coaster of emotions. I did cry when I left my dogs, but other than that I think I did well with goodbyes. It’s only for two months, anyway. I left JFK at 2pm and am now in Iceland, where I’m wide awake at midnight local time. I tried so hard to sleep on the plane but I was distracted by the million thoughts in my head (and the interactive map on the back of the seat in front of me, it showed exactly where we were flying and I got really giddy that we flew so close to Greenland and over Newfoundland!).

By the way, the sun is still setting here. This country already amazes me.


Sadly I’ll only be here for another half hour… My flight leaves for Paris pretty soon. I already know that I’m coming back soon though, most likely next year! Landing in Iceland was so cool though. Some of the landscape seriously looked like I was on Mars. In the distance there were snowcapped mountains and tiny spread-out houses. When we got close enough to the water I looked frantically to see if I could spot a whale… I didn’t, but the water still looked cool (because it’s Icelandic water, duh). I’m already obsessed with this country I haven’t even seen much (or any) of yet. I can’t wait to come back someday soon.

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