My Eurotrip Plans

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In exactly two weeks I’m leaving for Europe for the first time (ahhhhh!!!!). I have such mixed feelings… I don’t want to leave my dogs for this long! I feel so unprepared even though I’ve planned my trip down to the second (we’ll see if this proves to be a good or bad thing). But I know I’ll have an amazing time, because it’s wonderful, magical Europe! I’ll spend the first three weeks with my best friend since age 8 and then my boyfriend will join for the remainder of the trip. I even threw in a surprise destination for him that he (hopefully) won’t know about until we get to the airport!

So without further ado, this is how the next two months will look for me:


Paris, France

Oh, Paris… how long I’ve wanted to visit you! I can’t wait to wander the streets, see all the sights I’ve learned about every year in my French classes and try out the language with locals!


Amsterdam, Netherlands

I’m really looking forward to exploring the canals and biking in this beautiful capital city.


Berlin, Germany

My friend is interning in Berlin this summer, so hopefully we’ll get to meet up while I’m there! I can’t wait to see all the history this city has to offer, touch the Berlin Wall and visit the Holocaust Memorial.


Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw is pretty much on the way to Prague, so why not stop there?! I’m super excited to eat all the pierogies I possibly can (although I don’t think anything could beat my Grammy’s homemade pierogies!) and explore my Polish heritage.


Prague, Czech Republic

I’ve heard so many stories of travelers falling in love with Prague – I hope I end up being one of them.


Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is a city I don’t know much about yet, but I’m excited to explore. It’s conveniently located on my way to Budapest, so it’s a perfect pit stop.


Budapest, Hungary

I’ve heard so many great things about Budapest that I’m getting beyond excited to visit. I’m even going to take a language class there!!


Athens, Greece

Ancient Greek ruins, galore. I can’t wait!


Paphos, Cyprus

Beautiful, pristine beaches and turquoise water. Even more Greek ruins and Aphrodite’s rock. This island nation is one of the countries I’m most excited for.


Tirana, Albania

I still don’t know much about Tirana but I’m excited to explore it a bit! I’ll just be passing through for a day on my way to Montenegro, but I’m glad I’ll get at least a short opportunity to see this country and its capital city!


Kotor, Montenegro

I’m a small town girl, so I’m beyond excited to relax on the Bay of Kotor. I want to walk the city walls at sunrise and sunset to see the beautiful views this town has to offer!


Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

I can’t wait to walk across the Old Bridge and visit the markets and see the unique dynamic of this previously war-torn city for myself.


Vis, Croatia

I’m debating between visiting the small island of Vis or the more touristed Hvar. Either way, I’m really looking forward to some downtime on a beautiful island off the Dalmatian coast.


Split, Croatia

A city that’s basically completely in a palace? Yes, please!


Venice, Italy

I really want to take a gondola ride and aimlessly wander the paths along the canals. I could not be more excited!


Cinque Terre, Italy

I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS HIKE!!!! It looks so beautiful in pictures, I can’t even imagine how amazing it must be in person.


Pisa, Italy

I’m stopping in Pisa on the way to Rome to see what the town has to offer, and of course, take one of those infamous pictures with the Leaning Tower.


Rome, Italy

When in Rome… eat lots of pizza and pasta! I’m excited for the food and history that lies there.

8086701017_475923c57c_zGmunden, Austria

I’m visiting my high school foreign exchange student who I haven’t seen in 4 years in her hometown! I’m so excited for her to show me the Austrian way of life.


Salzburg, Austria

I might be a little obsessed with the Sound of Music. How could I possibly not stop in Salzburg when in Austria?


Barcelona, Spain

Vamos a la playa!


Lisbon, Portugal

Ever since I discovered the beautiful castles of Sintra on Pinterest I knew I had to stop in Lisbon.

Surprise location!

I’m surprising my boyfriend with this location. He won’t find out until we’re at the airport to get there. I’m stoked!!!

Paris, France (again)

My flight leaves from Paris, so I’ll be coming full circle on my Europe trip.

So there it is. My first big trip. I’m thrilled, nervous, excited, and maybe a little bit queezy. But it’s all good. Because I leave in 14 days!!!!!

Any suggestions on what to do and things to see?! I’ll take ’em!

What to do in Baños, Ecuador

Oh Baños… how I love you so! In just three days I feel like I did so much in this tiny jungle town. Here are some of my top picks from the endless possibilities you can fill your days with in Baños!

Visit the Casa del Árbol


A $15 taxi ride will take you from the town center, up the mountain and back. On the side of the mountain you’ll find a rickety tee house with two swings hanging off of either side. With just a loose rope around you, there’s basically nothing holding you onto the swing. But that’s the fun of it! Try to go early in the day to avoid the hoards of tourists and tour groups who have, too, discovered this gem.

Do Go Chasing Waterfalls

IMG_5601 copy

TLC had it all wrong – Biking the Ruta de Cascadas is a must-do for any adventure-lover in Ecuador. You can rent a bike from any tour company in town for as little as $6 a day. Such a steal! Just don’t get hit by any cars on the road. The route is on the main road between Baños and Puyo, a.k.a. it’s pretty busy. Make sure you go all the way to the Pailon del Diablo, the most impressive waterfall on the route!

Take a Spa Day

IMG_5529 copy

Need a break from all your adventuring? No problem at all. It’s not hard to find a cheap massage here, in a town known for its spa treatments! Check out and relax in the hot springs the town was named after, too!

Check out the Eco Zoologico San Martín

IMG_5473 copy

Be prepared for lots of stairs, but also lots of Ecuadorian animals that you might not get to see otherwise! My favorites were the monkeys, of course. It wasn’t the biggest zoo, but it certainly had character. Buses run there from the town center every 20 or so minutes and they aren’t hard to find!

Go zip-lining!


My dad told me he’d pay for me to go zip-lining on my trip. Lucky for him my zip-lining stint ended up a grand total of $5! Baños is full of cheap adventures, perfect for thrill seekers everywhere.

Go canyoning, canopying, rafting, bridge jumping, or whatever floats your adventure-seeking boat!

There are tour companies lining the streets of Baños, so it isn’t hard to find a good quote on one of these activities. Have some fun in the adventure capital of Ecuador!

As you can see, there is so much to do in this tiny town tucked between the Andes and the rainforest. Which activity would be on the top of your to-do list?!