What to watch tonight: The Wonder List


Need a quick fix for your wanderlusting heart while you’re stuck at home? I’ve got one for ya.

The last 6 weeks Bill Weir, a journalist who has seen a lot in his travels, has taken me on a journey all around the world to disappearing places. Sunday nights at 10pm I’ve religiously tuned in to CNN to see where he’d take me that week. First it was Vanuatu to see one of the last unspoiled paradises on earth, then to the Galapagos to look at the efforts being made to save the endangered species of these special islands. Bill Weir has also taken his viewers to Ikaria, Greece (where the life expectancy is incredibly high), India, the Dead Sea, and Venice.

What I love about this show is that it looks at the real issues these places face. Is tourism damaging the Galapagos? Is the Dead Sea really shrinking? What will become of Venice when it eventually floods? Are the people of Vanuatu open to tourism, or will it harm their way of life?

Tonight’s 2-hour season finale will look at the Alps and the Everglades. I know I’ll be tuning in at 9pm! Will you?

You can catch up on episodes and clips here: http://www.cnn.com/shows/wonder-list

This is one of the first travel shows I’ve really gotten into. Any suggestions for my next Netflix travel show binge? Let me know!


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