I leave tomorrow and arrive in Quito on Monday. And of course I’m sick as a dog. I either have the worst case of the flu ever or really bad side effects from my Typhoid vaccination pills 😦 So one of my travel fears has come true before my trip has even started: getting sick. I’ve already stocked up on every medicine I could think of for every possible malady out there so hopefully I’ll get over whatever illnesses I inevitably get quickly.

Anyway, I’m so excited yet still TERRIFIED to leave tomorrow! I know I’ll have a great time, but Quito isn’t exactly the safest place in the world.

I’m terrified of:

1. Getting sick, which has already happened

2. Getting mugged

3. Getting kidnapped (someone send Liam Neeson if this happens!)

4. Getting lost in translation, or lost in general

5. Having something stolen

6. Accidentally eating meat because I can’t read the menu well enough (silly, I know, but I’m being serious here)

7. Get really, really homesick. Especially for my dogs.

Despite these fears I know I’ll have the time of my life. Hopefully I’ll look back at this post and think how silly I was to be so scared of such an awesome journey. Right? Right.


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